There are several ways that the expressive arts can assist individuals to find meaning, understanding, and new ways to see their current situation. Drawing on drama, improvisation, puppetry, storytelling, creative writing, music, and art making, we utilize an intermodal approach to the creative arts to foster the imagination.

1. The expressive arts offer one way to articulate difficult and painful emotions in the safety of the once-removed.

2. The expressive arts create an opportunity for growth and understanding within a metaphor; this is important for those who are unable to face a situation directly.

3. The expressive arts are a new means of communication that facilitate interaction between children and their families.

4. The expressive arts allow individuals to play and explore their imaginations: to try on different roles, scenarios, and perspectives.

5. The expressive arts are communicative, they attempts to bridge emotions to real life settings through the use of artistic expression.