A Session with Nicki & Little Bear

Nicki & Little Bear’s sessions encourage participation. This work can be modified for all ages, settings, and family situations. Nicki & Little Bear have worked with individuals of all ages. The structure of each session is based on the needs of the child and family.

Each session begins with an introduction and warm-up. The format is framed by questions, themes, and exercises drawn from the expressive arts, narrative therapy, and existential psychology. The session is based in improvisation so that the development follows the flow and pace of the family.

Nicki & Little Bear also offer a ten-session program. The additional sessions allow for further exercises and each week new puppet characters and themes are explored. Select puppets include: farmyard puppets, ocean puppets, circus puppets, fantasy puppets, fairy tale puppets, wise-owl puppets, tropical puppets, and finger puppets.

Nicki & Little Bear address topics of loss and grief. They share ways to promote growth and understanding in a safe environment encouraging emotional development and communication for families.


To reach out and provide new means of communication, interaction and understanding for individuals who are experiencing loss, grief, and bereavement. 

​To help children and their families find meaning and comfort in the simplicity of play, imagination, and narrative. Story has been used for years to express emotion and find commonality in our life experiences.​ Nicki & Little Bear aim to help others tell their story.